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Mailing address:
Coordinator of AOD Initiatives
San Diego State University
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182-4701

Telephone: (619) 594-4133
Student Health Services, Calpulli Center, Suite 3201


Alcohol and Other Drugs at SDSU

This site is designed to provide information about SDSU's efforts to reduce the impact of alcohol and other drugs (AOD) on the healthy learning environment of our campus.


Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) use and abuse poses risks to the health, safety and educational/occupational experience of our students and staff. Further, the negative impact of student AOD abuse is often felt in the broader community through noise, vandalism, vehicle crashes and use of community resources such as police and paramedics. Therefore, through our AOD programs we seek to reduce and prevent problems associated with alcohol and other drug use by students of SDSU.

Office of AOD Initiatives:

The AOD Initiatives office is housed within the Health Promotion department of Student Health Services, in the division of Student Affairs. It serves as a resource to the SDSU community for AOD related programming. Our services include AOD education presentations, policy and program coordination, community outreach, resource development and research.

Action Shots:

Two students participate in campus sweeps by clearing a bullentin board on campus of alcohol related ads.

OPERATION: Campus Sweep limits the amount of unsolicited advertising of cheap drinks or free covers on the SDSU campus. A crew of volunteer students walks the campus looking for advertisements that don't conform to posting policies.  Promotional materials violating regulations are removed. Exposure to advertisements promoting risky alcohol consumption is reduced and student volunteers have a direct impact on alcohol risk reduction efforts.

Two local bartenders competing in the mocktail competition to make the best tasting and most attractive non-alcoholic drink for designated drivers.

A Mocktail Competition took place during RADD's Ultimate Bartender Challenge where local bartenders put their drink making skills to use and created tastey non-alcoholic drinks. Judges scored the drinks based on appearance, originality, and taste. The non-alcoholic drinks supports RADD's Designated Driver card, which allows designated drivers to receive a free non-alcoholic drink or discounts on appetizers when they present their card to any local participating bars.

Click to read more about RADD's Ultimate Bartender Challenge and the Taste of San Diego.

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